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4 Do’s & Don’ts When You Spill Liquid On a Laptop April 18, 2018

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4 Do’s & Don’ts When You Spill Liquid On a Laptop, Parkville, Maryland

Spilling a drink on your laptop can seem like an issue that can’t be fixed. However, if you act quickly, the computer repair professionals at SysQuick, serving Baltimore, MD, and the Greater DC area, advise that you can minimize damage. Many people don’t know the proper steps to take, resulting in a worse outcome than the liquid alone may cause. To keep you informed, the team shares a few essential do’s and don’ts to handle the situation right.


Turn it off.

computer repair Shock is a serious issue with liquid spills. Dry your hands immediately and turn the computer off by holding the power button down. Remove the charger and, if accessible, the battery as well. The sensitive internals of your machine are less likely to be damaged if they aren’t operating while in contact with the liquid.

Put it in a bag of rice.

After a spill, wipe the laptop clean and flip it over to allow lingering liquid to drip out. Then, place it in a bag of plain white rice. Rice absorbs liquid and helps it dry quicker. Leave it in there for at least 48 hours or until you’re able to see a computer repair professional.


Use a blow-dryer.

Many people make the mistake of using a blow-dryer to evaporate the liquid. Because of the heat, you’re actually damaging the connections and components inside the laptop. If you accidentally melt any parts, it will require additional computer repairs.

Try to fix it on your own.

Even after employing the rice method, you should still see a computer repair professional. They’ll take the laptop apart safely to do a complete assessment, clean salvageable areas, and advise on what will and won’t need fixing. It’s the fastest and most reliable way to handle the problem and will lead to the best results.

If liquid spills on your device or machine, turn to the skilled professionals at SysQuick. They offer a variety of computer repair options, including virus removal and IT services. Call (443) 231-5627 today to speak with their friendly staff and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about who they are and how they can help.

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