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Struggling to Cope With an Abortion? Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Will Help April 14, 2018

Pearson Foundation of Hawaii Inc
April 27, 2018 5:45PM - April 29, 2018 5:00PM
Struggling to Cope With an Abortion? Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Will Help, Honolulu, Hawaii

God loves you, but it can be hard to feel this if you are consumed with grief over having had an abortion. If you recently underwent the procedure or chose to terminate a pregnancy years ago, you will experience merciful love and healing at Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat hosted by Pearson Foundation of Hawaii in Honolulu. Men and women of all faiths are invited to attend this two-night, three-day retreat at the end of April. 

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat

Friday, April 27th, 5:45 p.m. – Sunday, April 29th, 5 p.m.

abortionAt the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat, you can count on confidentiality and compassion from the start. The ultimate goal of the weekend is to provide participants with the opportunity to experience God’s love and healing after losing a child to abortion. You can expect a warm welcome in this nonjudgmental environment, where facilitators will help you work through trauma and pain stemming from a past abortion.

Your $150 donation will cover comfortable lodging, nutritional meals, and all essential materials. Need-based scholarships are available for those who qualify. Everyone at the retreat will have some idea of the pain you experienced and will share their own story of loss on the path to healing. This mutually supportive environment will help you obtain the peace your life has been missing since the procedure.  

Learn How to Overcome the Pain From a Past Abortion 

The caring staff at Pearson Foundation of Hawaii offers abortion alternatives like adoption, but they recognize that many couples still opt to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. They also recognize that doing so can have lasting repercussions, and they want to help anyone who is suffering as a result. To sign up for Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat, call Lisa Shorba at (808) 349-5071 or Sr. Geralyn Spaulding OSB at (808) 741-3819. Please note that space is limited. You can learn more about all the services Pearson Foundation of Hawaii offers by visiting the website or calling (808) 942-0328. 


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