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4 Flooring Types & Their Advantages April 17, 2018

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4 Flooring Types & Their Advantages, Park Falls, Wisconsin

Whether you’re in the process of new home construction or remodeling your existing living spaces, finding the perfect flooring option is integral to the process. If you’re currently on the hunt for quality building supplies, here’s a breakdown of the most popular options on the market and their benefits.

Top 4 Flooring Options & the Advantages of Installation

1. Carpet

FlooringWhen designing rooms that need to be comfortable, cozy, and acoustically sound, wall-to-wall carpeting is an excellent and durable choice. Carpet is ideal for bedrooms, children’s playrooms, and living rooms, as it provides a soft landing for bare feet. Better still, carpet is available in a variety of colors and styles and the surface is easy to clean with a vacuum. This material also provides a level of safety and can insulate rooms thanks to the additional padding. 

2. Vinyl

Thanks to modern advances in technology, vinyl flooring is the perfect combination of style and design at affordable prices. Available in multiple colors and designs, this material is strong and perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic or mischievous pets. 

3. Wood 

Wood flooring has been a popular and traditional choice in many architectural styles. This natural material, available in multiple shades, finishes, and plank sizes, provides a richness and luxury in any room. While wood often carries a high price tag, this durable flooring can last for decades. Better still, the classic look of wood is in demand and can often increase the resale value of your property. 

4. Tile

Tile flooring comes in many types, from marble and porcelain to ceramic and quarry. These materials are highly porous and ideal in rooms that are exposed to moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners enjoy the versatility of tile—it’s also easy to clean and both scratch- and damage-resistant when properly sealed. 


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