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5 Most Common Items Put into Storage April 18, 2018

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5 Most Common Items Put into Storage, Kalispell, Montana

Space gets hard to come by when you’ve lived in one place for a long time and accumulated a plethora of items. You may know you need more room around the house, but what should you relocate to a storage unit? There are likely a lot of belongings in your home you see every day but rarely use, and these are ideal for storing away.

Common Items Found in Storage

1. Holiday Decorations

Holiday ornaments and apparel are a perfect example of something you only need once a year. You’ll have little use for lights, stockings, and holiday sweaters once January rolls around, and they take up valuable room in your attic or basement. Just label your boxes with the appropriate holiday so your decorations will be easy to find when the time comes.  

2. Furniture

storagePerhaps you inherited a piece of furniture you don’t want to part with, or you have furniture your children will want to use for their kids. Beds, couches, tables, and chairs take up a lot of space; if you aren’t using them, put them out of the way. Cover up the furniture with plastic sheeting or tarps to keep it dust-free until you need it again.

3. Clothing

Whether it’s maternity clothing you might need again or winter coats you only use a few months out of the year, it’s taking up valuable space in your closet. Go through all your clothing, and set aside items you no longer wear or won’t use for the next six months. Group similar types of clothing together, and label the boxes so you can pull them out when it’s time for use again.

4. Paperwork

Although this is the digital age, chances are you still have a lot of important paperwork to hold onto. Previous tax returns, hospital bills, and expense receipts are all examples of paperwork you may need. Put these papers into a secure box and place them in your unit for safe keeping.

5. Books

Books might hold sentimental value, or you may want to reread them in a few years. This doesn’t mean you want them taking up all your shelf space. Box up unused novels you’d like to save and keep them in storage until you’re ready to read them.


Whatever you need to store, Treweek Mini Storage has the secure space required. The facility has flexible short- and long-term options and a variety of unit sizes available. They even make getting your items into storage easy by providing U-Haul® truck rentals and moving supplies. Just contact them at (406) 752-2835 to ask about their current availability and request rates.

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