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What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Fillings May 7, 2019

What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Fillings, Kenai, Alaska

A filling is a simple solution to keep a cavity from spreading. If your dentist has recommended this procedure, don’t stress: They are simply trying to preserve your beautiful smile. The sooner you get it done, the better. Read on for some essential information about the process.

FAQs About Fillings

How Is the Procedure Done?

First, a local anesthetic is applied. The dentist will then scrape away damaged enamel, clear out the rotten parts of tooth, and clean the area to combat bacteria. If the nerve is exposed, a covering is placed over it to prevent pain. The tooth is then filled with a special substance.

What Are Fillings Made Of?

Fillings can be made of gold, amalgam silver, plastic, or a composite resin. Tooth-colored composites are a popular option because they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Will The Process Be Painful?

dentistYou will not feel any pain during the procedure thanks to the local anesthetic. You might notice the tooth is more sensitive than usual to heat and cold immediately afterwards, but this mild discomfort should disappear in a few days.

What Is the Recovery Like?

Your mouth will be numb afterwards, so avoid hot beverages to keep from scalding yourself. Have a loved one drive you home afterwards, and set aside time to rest until the anesthetic wears off.

How Long Do They Last?

A typical filling lasts 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. This is assuming you practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. At your biannual visits, a dentist will examine the filling to ensure it is still in good condition.


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