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Steps to Remove a Skunk Smell From Your Dog April 17, 2018

North Hobbs, Lea
Steps to Remove a Skunk Smell From Your Dog, North Hobbs, New Mexico

Did Fido have a recent run-in with a skunk? If so, the smell is often indisputable — and difficult to remove. Skunk oil is infamous for its ability to linger, especially if it’s not cleaned immediately. Taylor’s Weed & Pest Control shares that it’s important to act quickly to minimize skunk spray’s power and prevent it from taking over your home. This Hobbs, NM, pest control company offers tips to keep your home and its occupants smelling fresh.

Pest Control Company Shares How to Get a Skunk Odor Off Your Pup

1. Start With the Face

pest-controlDogs are often sprayed in the face first, so start cleaning there. Use cool, clean water to flush away any skunk spray residue from their eyes, nose, or mouth. You can also use a gentle eyewash solution to rinse the eyes clean. If you’re unsure, give your vet a call to ensure the formula is safe.

2. Bathe Body Using Natural Products

Just like the classic tomato juice formula, your pantry likely contains several natural products that are perfect for removing that skunk smell:

  • Vanilla Extract: Stir one cup of vanilla extract into one gallon of warm water. Pour this solution over your dog and allow it to soak for 10 minutes before washing away with a high-quality dog shampoo. You might need to repeat this a few times for tough odors.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix two parts of warm water with one part of apple cider — the exact ratio will depend on the size of your dog. Thoroughly wet your dog’s coat with warm water, then work this acidic solution in. Let it sit for at least five minutes, then rinse completely with clean, warm water.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Combine one quart of hydrogen peroxide with one-fourth cup of baking soda and one teaspoon of dish-washing liquid. Wet your dog’s fur thoroughly, then work this concoction deeply into his or her coat. Allow it to sit for five to 10 minutes, then rinse clean.

If you have a skunk issue on your property, speak with a pest control expert immediately. At Taylor’s Weed & Pest Control, their licensed technicians have over 40 years of combined experience with various pest control services, including the detection, control, and elimination of unwanted guests like termites, mice, and bats. Learn more about their services online or by calling (575) 492-9247.

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