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5 of the Most Valuable Coins in the U.S.  April 17, 2018

Greece, Monroe
5 of the Most Valuable Coins in the U.S. , Greece, New York

Though it may seem like coins are going out of style, many of them are becoming extremely valuable. Some rare coins are still in circulation while others aren’t, and creating coin collections has become a popular hobby for many collectors. Some coins’ values have increased exponentially over the years, and here’s why.

5 U.S. Coins With Incredibly High Values

1. 1927 Double Eagle

This Denver-based gold coin, which was originally worth $20, is now worth a few hundred thousand dollars. The one minted in Denver is far more valuable than the same coins that were minted in San Francisco or Philadelphia due to its rarity. It features an engraving of a majestic eagle perched on a branch.

2. 1893 (S) Silver Dollar

This dollar coin is also very rare, and only 100,000 of them were minted, and only a few are still in existence. Since they’re worth up to $500,000, they’re definitely an impressive and expensive addition to any coin collection.

3. 1913 Liberty Head Nickel

Any collector who has this piece of currency in their coin collection is certainly well off; it has been valued at up to $5,000,000 at auctions. There are currently only five of these coins in existence. 

4. 1933 Gold Eagle 

coin collectionA beautiful and unique coin, the twenty-dollar 1933 Gold Eagle coin is hard to find, since they were recalled during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. Only 300,000 were minted, and only about 50 of them still exist today. They are valued at about $500,000.

5. 1870 (S) Silver Dollar 

This coin was minted in San Francisco, and there are only 12 of them left on the market today. They originated in San Francisco, and because they’re so rare, they have often been sold for over $1,000,000.


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