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How to Make the Most of Chemical Spray Applications April 18, 2018

Black River Falls, Jackson
How to Make the Most of Chemical Spray Applications, Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Whether you’re applying pesticides or fertilizer to your crops, you want to make sure it’s applied thoroughly and without waste. To do this, it’s important to pay attention to the equipment you’re using. Here are a few tips and trick to spread chemicals more effectively so you can save time, money, and hassle.

Choose the Right Nozzle

One of the most important factors in applying chemicals to your crops is droplet size. Smaller droplets are more prone to drifting than larger ones, and even very small changes in size can have a dramatic effect on droplet weight and, therefore, movement. Each chemical you use has its own recommended droplet size, from extremely fine to ultra coarse. Make sure to use a nozzle that fits the category with a spray pattern you can control for good coverage without excessive drift.

Maintain Your Nozzle

For a spray nozzle to work as intended, it has to be regularly cleaned and examined for clogs. You should also calibrate your sprayer regularly to make sure it’s emitting the intended amount of the chemical you’re applying.

Mix Correctly

ChemicalsFollow the directions on the packaging as closely as possible when mixing a chemical to spray on your crops. Combinations of chemicals can have unpredictable effects, so make sure the combination is one you’re familiar with. If you’re using an unfamiliar mix, do a jar test first to make sure the chemicals are compatible.

By taking precautions with your chemicals and using the right equipment, you can control your application and minimize drift during the process. Next time you add fertilizer or pesticides to your fields, take a moment to check your sprayers and your product labels to ensure correct usage.


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