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3 Benefits of LED Light Fixtures for Your Business April 17, 2018

Bryan Station, Lexington-Fayette Northeast
3 Benefits of LED Light Fixtures for Your Business, Lexington-Fayette Northeast, Kentucky

Whether you’re looking for commercial lighting in your showroom or for an office, LED light fixtures are the smartest choice. This is because LED lights offer unique benefits that you won’t get from any other type of bulb. The team at Kentucky Lighting & Supply have shared a few of the most significant benefits business owners enjoy getting from their LEDs in Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfort.

Why Choose LED Light Fixtures?

1. Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR rated LED lights typically use at least 75% less energy than incandescent lighting. Though the bulbs are costlier upfront, this fee is relatively low, and the bulbs will quickly pay for themselves. Your business will save significantly on energy bills each month and your customers will appreciate the fact that your business is environmentally friendly.

2. Safety

LED Light fixturesLEDs burn at a much lower temperature than incandescent lighting. Because they are cooler, the risk of issues, such as combustion and fires, are lowered. Employees also will not burn their fingers if they touch an LED bulb that has been on for a while, while incandescent bulbs quickly get so hot they cannot be touched.

3. Durability

Regularly replacing burned out light fixtures is not only an inconvenience, but the cost can also add up. The average LED bulb will last 25 times longer than an incandescent one. Getting these bulbs will save your business precious time and money as you don’t have to worry about your lighting for many years.

The right lighting makes all the difference in the appearance and function of your business. Kentucky Lighting & Supply has a wide selection of LED light fixtures, so you can find ones that suit your style. Visit their online catalog or call them at (859) 259-0466 to find the perfect fit for your business. Their experts have more than 50 years of industry experience and can help with their valuable expertise.

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