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A Guide to the Differences Between Burglary, Theft, & Robbery April 17, 2018

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A Guide to the Differences Between Burglary, Theft, & Robbery, Walden, New York

Burglary, theft, and robbery are all criminal offenses that involve taking someone else’s property without their permission. Despite their similarities, the legal system draws distinctions between these acts. Here, the criminal defense attorneys of Ozman Law Offices in Walden, NY, explain what differentiates them.


Theft is defined as simply taking another person’s property without their consent. Further, the intent has to be to permanently take that property. For example, if you were to grab somebody’s purse from the back of their chair at a restaurant and simply walk out the door without saying a thing, this could be a case of theft requiring a criminal defense.


criminal defenseRobbery is essentially theft, but it is accomplished using physical force or the incitation of fear. For instance, a person walking into a convenience store and threatening the cashier with a handgun could be charged with armed robbery. Intimidation can also be verbal, however—a simple threat of physical harm could be enough to constitute a charge of robbery in the eyes of the law.


Criminal defense lawyers say burglary does not actually require property to be taken. This crime is constituted by unlawful entry into a home or business with the intent to commit a crime once inside. This could be theft or robbery or something as serious as murder. Say you break into someone’s car with the intent of stealing the wallet you see on the backseat—this is a burglary.

If you are facing any of the above charges, get a criminal defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. Ozman Law Offices in Walden, NY, will help. This law firm is known for the personalized attention and aggressive representation it gives its clients. Find out more about their services, from personal injury to divorce law, online. For a consultation, call (845) 778-7777.

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