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How to Get Ready for a Home Addition April 19, 2018

Dothan, Houston
How to Get Ready for a Home Addition, Dothan, Alabama

Home additions are an excellent way for homeowners to expand their living spaces and upgrade their homes. However, the process can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect or how to prepare. After all, this home remodeling project requires extensive construction work, resulting in heavy foot traffic and an influx of dust. Thankfully, the following guide highlights everything you need to get ready for this considerable project. 

Preparing Your House for a Home Addition

Protect Your Belongings

The construction area is not a safe place to keep fragile or valuable belongings. Wrap up anything that’s fragile, including china, artwork, and electronics. Then, move these items to a safer location, such as a spare bedroom or storage space. By taking your valuables away from the work zone, you will also prevent construction dust from blanketing them.

Remove Large Items

home additionsNext, remove large items—including sofas, cabinets, and rugs—from the rooms that will be affected by the project. Wrap them in plastic and place them in another room, such as a garage or basement. Not only will this keep your belongings safe, but it will also clear a path for workers, so they have safe and easy access to the site.

Start Thinking About Decorations

Once work begins, start thinking about how you want to decorate the space. Consider new artwork, or plan out your furnishings for each room. You can even start purchasing your favorite items online. Then, when the project is complete, you’ll waste no time decorating the new area.


Preparing for a home addition well in advance will ensure the project is a surefire success. When you’re ready, the experts from Walker Construction Company will use their expert skills to revamp your space for the better. Based in Dothan, AL, these professionals are committed to building a quality community from the ground up. To receive a free estimate, give them a call today at (334) 790-2706. You can also find more information about their services online
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