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Is It Time to Call an Electrical Contractor? April 18, 2018

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Is It Time to Call an Electrical Contractor? , Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Some people have the skills and tools necessary to perform minor electrical maintenance on their own. For example, these individuals may be able to easily swap out a light fixture or address a breaker problem without professional support. However, more advanced work often demands compliance with local building regulations and may pose serious safety hazards without the proper precautions. For the sake of your safety, always call a professional electrical contractor when dealing with one of these three common scenarios.

3 Reasons to Call an Electrical Contractor

1. Property Damage

If you notice singe marks, melted wires, or other signs of visible damage, always consult a professional. Without the proper training, flawed wiring can pose serious hazards to you as well as your property. When wire issues are combined with a water leak or another moisture-related problem, you need to practice even more caution. In fact, the best course of action is to leave your toolbox in the garage and call a professional right away.

2. New Fixture Installation

electrical contractorIf you need to install a new outlet, upgrade appliances, or update wiring in your home, consult a professional who can do so in accordance with local regulations. A professional electrical contractor will ensure your new installations are up to code and will keep you and your family safe down the road. Those with older homes in particular should avoid DIY projects due to the increased hazards associated with older wiring.

3. Shorts or Sparks

Circuit breakers may sometimes trip due to electrical overloads: for example, when you try to vacuum when you already have the TV, fan, and microwave powered on in the same vicinity. The breakers shut off to protect your wiring from overheating and sparking a fire. However, if your circuit breakers trip all the time, this may signal a more serious problem, like a short circuit or ground fault. Rather than attempting to resolve this issue on your own, consult a professional.


If you’re facing any of these scenarios, consult the experts who can help. The team of highly trained electrical contractors from E-Con Electric in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, will provide you with the individualized support you need. Whether you’re planning a major bathroom renovation or are experiencing electrical malfunctions, you can always count on these specialists to get the job done. The team also offers 24/7 emergency repairs. To learn more about what the commercial and residential electricians will do for you, visit the business online. You may also call them today at (715) 423-8440.

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