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5 Essential Spring Tasks for Avoiding Future Auto Repairs April 18, 2018

South Marketview Heights, Rochester
5 Essential Spring Tasks for Avoiding Future Auto Repairs, Rochester, New York

After dealing with winter’s icy conditions, getting on the road during sunny spring weather is a welcome change. However, drivers wishing to avoid future auto repairs should take care of key maintenance tasks as temperatures start to rise. Here’s a closer look at what you need to do to ensure your car is ready for warmer weather.

How to Prepare Your Car for Spring & Summer

1. Change the Wiper Blades

Your windshield wipers work hard during the winter months. Check the blades for cracks or signs of deterioration. Defective blades can damage your windshields, so swap them out to avoid an accident during summer storms.

2. Change Tires & Oil

If you use winter tires and oil to get through below-freezing temperatures, now is the time to make a change. Get an oil change and switch to all-season tires for improved performance in warmer weather.

3. Clean the Exterior

auto repairThe road salt used to de-ice roadways can corrode and damage your car paint. If you haven’t washed your vehicle in a while, do so now. Don’t forget to wax!

4. Check the Battery

Freezing temperatures can drain your battery quickly. Have your auto repair professional check your charge now so you aren’t caught off guard by a breakdown later.

5. Perform Alignment & Suspension Checks

Potholes and other roadway hazards often develop during the winter. If you frequently traveled over rough roadways, take your car in for an alignment check. This will help you avoid uneven tire wear and other handling problems.


Whether you need auto repairs or roadside assistance, depend on the team at Alliance Collision in Rochester, NY. With nearly 70 years in business, their dependability and quality work have made them the go-to source for auto needs in Monroe County. To learn more about their towing and repair services, visit them online or call (585) 232-2390 today.

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