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How Lawn Sprinklers Prevent Brown Patches April 18, 2018

Antelope Park, Lincoln
How Lawn Sprinklers Prevent Brown Patches, Lincoln, Nebraska

For diligent homeowners, few things are as frustrating as dealing with dry, brown patches of grass. The root of the problem is likely not with your grass, but rather with your lawn sprinklers. The right garden irrigation system will work smarter — not harder — to deliver water to the correct areas at the right times. If you think that your sprinklers may be causing brown patches in your yard, consider the following information. 

Why Lawn Sprinklers Bring Brown Grass Back to Life


lawn sprinklerIf you’ve noticed that your lawn is freckled with dry brown patches, it’s likely that the soil or grassroots have been compromised and that there is a lack of moisture causing the problem to persist. Brown spots usually indicate the presence of a fungus, which can easily be treated with a combination of strategic watering and fungicide as necessary. 

First, alter your watering schedule. Watering at sunrise will ensure that the grass has enough time to absorb nutrients before the sun falls in the evening. Unless you live in an area that is extremely hot, you should only water the area every other day; flooding the grass will only promote the further distribution of the fungus. After a few weeks of carefully calculated watering, you should see the brown spots begin to fade, allowing you to focus on prevention.


Once you’ve shrunk the brown areas of grass down as much as possible, it’s time to take a few preventative measures. Start with your lawn sprinklers — set a timer to water every five to 10 days, spraying until water has seeped about five inches into the ground. If you’re unsure of how to time this process correctly, ask your local sprinkler experts. 

Next, make sure that your lawn’s drainage and soil are intact. Mow and aerate your lawn to allow water to sink into the soil, and, if necessary, add an extra preventative weed and fungicide treatment to keep the problem from returning. 


Installing the perfect lawn sprinkler system is no easy feat. In Lincoln, NE, homeowners look to Whittemore Sprinkler Company for everything from brown spot prevention to general system repairs. Whether you have a specific lawn problem you’re looking to fix or simply need a new sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking healthy, their team of experts will suggest the most efficient avenue. Their irrigation specialists will inspect your yard and offer valuable insight to help get your lawn back on track. Reach out online or by calling (402) 476-8552.

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