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How Should You Store Fragile Items Safely in a Storage Unit? April 17, 2018

How Should You Store Fragile Items Safely in a Storage Unit?, Texarkana, Texas

Many people don’t have room in their homes to keep things they don’t use often. From surfboards to heirloom china and photo frames, many items could benefit from being held in a storage unit. How can you make sure your delicate belongings are safe in a storage unit? Below, Payless Storage Inc. in Texarkana, TX, shares some tips for preventing damage to breakable possessions.

Keep Fragile Items Safe in a Storage Unit With These Tips

Get Organized

You won’t know to be careful with a box full of delicate stuff if it’s not labeled. Make sure to write “Fragile” on any relevant box and include an arrow noting which side of the box should face up. Also be sure to label everything so you can easily find it and treat each container with extra care if it holds something breakable. 

storage unit Texarkana TXUse Protective Materials

Always wrap items in bubble wrap or tissue and newspaper to protect them in transit and the storage unit. Place bubble wrap between layers of plates or photo frames and tuck teacups into newspaper nests so they’re protected on all sides. 

Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

When you really care about a personal belonging, you want to make sure it stays in perfect condition while in your storage unit. You can further ensure its safety by renting a climate controlled unit. These spaces have heat and air conditioning and won’t become humid or moldy thanks to ample airflow and dehumidifiers. 

You can rest easy knowing your fragile property is safe when it’s locked up in a storage unit. Take extra precautions like using bubble wrap and choosing a climate controlled storage unit to improve the security of your items even further. To learn about the convenient rental options at Payless Storage call (903) 838-7772. Visit the website for information on their 10x20 standard units, truck and trailer rentals, drive-up access, and on-site managers. They’ll help you decide which size unit you’ll need to make sure your items fit and are in top shape when you retrieve them.

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