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Advances In Diagnostic Medical Sonography April 16, 2018

Ocean, Monmouth County
Advances In Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Ocean, New Jersey

Diagnostic medical sonography has been a crucial component of modern health care since it was first used for clinical purposes in 1956. In recent years, this technology has been the subject of numerous advancements, as medical teams look for ways to quickly and accurately diagnose illness and disease. Along with diagnostic uses, enhanced sonography techniques can even improve the way cancer treatments are administered to patients. Take a look at three of the most prominent advances in this field below.  

3 Exciting Advances in Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Handheld Ultrasounds

While stethoscopes are certainly an effective medical instrument, they often fall short when it comes to providing comprehensive information on heart health and function. Many medical teams are opting for handheld ultrasounds, which not only enable doctors to listen to the heart, but also provide a clearer perspective on any issues impacting the heart. The size of handheld ultrasounds also makes them a more convenient option, as they can be used virtually anywhere. 

3-D Ultrasound

Diagnostic Medical SonographyAlthough ultrasounds are indispensable to the medical industry, problems with picture quality can lead to instances of misdiagnosis.  3-D and 4-D ultrasounds aim to address issues involving human diagnostic errors by offering a clearer scan, which can increase accuracy in results. For instance, it can be very difficult to see small vessels within organs on scans, which has led some manufacturers to focus on clarity of these components in particular.  

Enhanced Drug Delivery

One of the more surprising advancements made in the area of ultrasound technology has to do with drug delivery. Acoustic cluster therapy uses sound waves to target specific cancer cells with chemotherapy instead of diffusing the treatment through a general area of the body. While effective at stopping the growth of cancer cells, chemotherapy is also associated with potentially life-threatening side effects. By improving the targeting of this therapy to only those affected cells, it’s hoped that doctors will be more effective in the fight against cancer while also limiting any negative effects.


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