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Why Some Wood Cleaners Are Bad for Your Hardwood Flooring April 16, 2018

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Why Some Wood Cleaners Are Bad for Your Hardwood Flooring, Pittsford, New York

Having hardwood flooring in your home instantly adds a timeless sense of style. With proper maintenance, they can last for years as well. However, be mindful that some cleaners can be bad for this type of material. Understand why some products are damaging to avoid using the wrong cleaner.

The Use of Waxes & Oils

hardwood flooringMany well-known, wood-specific cleaners contain additives such as oils and wax. These products advertise leaving your hardwood flooring looking clean and polished. However, this finish is temporary. In fact, not only does this effect not last, but it can cause your floors to appear cloudy or dull with continued use. This is because they leave behind a residue that slowly eats away at the polyurethane topcoat. After this coating is gone, it is difficult to repair because the wax and oil residue will prevent the polyurethane from adhering properly.

What to Use Instead

Avoid products that advertise a shiny finish. Instead, rely heavily on a microfiber mop for daily maintenance. When needing a slightly more intensive clean, opt for a cleaner that advertises a zero-residue finish. Before purchasing, read the ingredients. Avoid ingredients such as vinegar or coconut oil. For the safest and best results, hire a professional flooring contractor instead of doing the job yourself. A company will have the highest quality products as well as the skills needed to ensure your hardwood flooring looks new for years to come.


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