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Top 3 Signs Your Driveway Needs New Concrete April 17, 2018

Potosi, Washington
Top 3 Signs Your Driveway Needs New Concrete, Potosi, Missouri

Most homeowners use their driveways several times a day, whether for commuting, running errands, or shuttling kids to and from school. As a result of this constant use and because of their exposure to the elements, driveways take a beating. Eventually, they need to be repaired or in some cases replaced. Here, the leading concrete distributors, Politte Ready Mix LLC, based in Potosi, MO, share a few signs that your driveway may need to be replaced.

3 Signs Your Driveway Needs Concrete Replacement

1. Excessive Cracks

concreteInevitable features of older driveways are splinters and fissures that cleave open the asphalt or concrete. Once your driveway has too many cracks or several larger ones, the damage needs to be addressed and repaired as it may impact your safety.

2. Potholes

Potholes are those unsightly gaps typically formed by groundwater seeping into the pavement and then expanding or contracting based on air temperature. Unlike smaller driveway cracks, potholes are not only an eyesore but are also damaging to vehicles. Driving over potholes every day can ruin a car's suspension and put extra wear on its tires. 

3. Old Age

Driveways last somewhere between 15 and 20 years. Once it gets past the two-decade mark, you'll likely start to experience an onslaught of problems, sometimes all at once. At this point, it's time to consider a replacement. If your old driveway is asphalt, it's also an opportunity to upgrade to the more durable, longer-lasting concrete option. 

Politte Ready Mix LLC has been Washington County's most reliable ready-mix concrete provider for over four decades. Whether you're a contractor in need of material for your next construction project or a DIY homeowner looking to repave your driveway, this company uses state-approved plants and materials to give you what you need at a reasonable price. Call them at (573) 438- 5417 to learn more about their services.

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