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What to Expect From Your First Scuba Class May 15, 2018

Henrietta, Monroe
What to Expect From Your First Scuba Class, Henrietta, New York

Scuba diving is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the underwater world. Those new to exploring the ocean at amazing depths may be a little nervous to dive right in. Here are a few tips to get a better idea of what to expect at your first scuba class.

3 Details You Should Know Before a Scuba Class

1. You Won’t Dive Into the Ocean the First Day

Scuba classes are taught in stages. You likely won’t be diving on the first day. Instructors will first explain how scuba gear works, go over various aspects of safety, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your first class to fill out any paperwork and ensure your equipment fits properly, especially the mask.

2. You’ll Start With Deep Breaths 

scuba classesAfter the instructor explains the equipment and safety rules, you’ll learn how to breathe underwater. Scuba divers breathe through a regulator. This is a breathing apparatus that decreases air pressure as you dive so you receive a safe, steady supply of oxygen from your tank. First, you’ll breathe through your mouth with the regulator outside the water. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll then breathe with your face on the water’s surface, and eventually underneath. Let your instructor know if you’re getting too much water in the mask or having difficulties breathing before moving to the next step.  

3. You’ll Learn New Communication Skills 

You can’t speak underwater so you’ll need to learn how to communicate using hand signals. It’s essential to perfect the basics before your first dive. Some important signals you’ll need to master are “OK,” which you make by forming a circle with your index finger and thumb, “Problem,” which is rotating a flattened hand side to side, and “Out of Air,” which you show by moving a flattened hand in a slicing motion across the neck. New divers should purchase an underwater slate or wet-notes underwater notebook in case you encounter communication difficulties.


Ready for your first scuba class? Contact Aquatic Center of Rochester in Henrietta, NY. Their team of expertly trained scuba instructors will help you navigate the underwater world with ease and confidence. If you’re an experienced diver, they also offer a variety of high-quality rental equipment, advanced training, and specialty courses. Get details about their training online or call (585) 334-1670 to schedule your first scuba class.