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5 Grooming Tips for Men When Prepping for a Special Event April 16, 2018

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
5 Grooming Tips for Men When Prepping for a Special Event, Manhattan, New York

Preparing for a special event takes time. Whether it’s for a party, date, or networking occasion, many spend hours perfecting their hair and choosing the ideal outfit. Before you stress, though, the team at New Paradise Men’s Spa, the leading day spa in Manhattan, NY, advises that all you really need is some time. By breaking down your grooming routine into a manageable schedule, you can streamline the prep for the big day. 

Your Guide to Grooming for a Special Occasion

1. Prepare Your Skin

New York, NY day spaIt can take a couple of weeks to get your skin under control. Whether you’re suffering from excess dryness or a breakout, start treating the situation in advance. Use products designed to target your specific concern. Book a men’s facial at the day spa and ask your aesthetician for tips on managing the issue.

2. Check Your Hair

If you aren’t happy with your current hairstyle, give yourself about a month to test out a new look. You don’t want to risk sporting something unfamiliar on the day of the event, so ensure you’re comfortable before committing. If you love it, stick with it—and, if not, your hair will have grown out enough to wear it the way you’re accustomed to by the time the date rolls around.

3. Get Your Glow

Whether you’re still sporting a hint of winter pale or just want to brighten your skin for a special occasion, you can easily accomplish this with a self-tanning product. Try a gradual tanner that builds natural color slowly, allowing you to stop at any point to be as golden as you’d like.

4. Groom Your Hair

Grooming body hair is a major concern for most men. Some prefer to book a men’s waxing appointment at the day spa, while others only need to shave. If you do want to book a wax, then do so at least two weeks before the event. It will give your skin some time to recover if you’re sensitive.

5. Select a Scent

What’s a great grooming routine without a charming scent? Special occasions deserve a fragrance that suits the moment. Try something that contains notes you favor, whether it’s woodsy, musky, or fresh.

No matter what the occasion, the key to grooming is feeling comfortable in your own skin. By taking the time to prepare, you’ll feel confident and at your best when the day arrives. The staff at New Paradise Men’s Spa offers an extensive menu of day spa treatments to help achieve this, including men’s waxing, facials, and massages. Call (646) 559-1621 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more about them.

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