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4 Ways to Help a Loved One Who's in Jail April 16, 2018

Silver Hill, Davidson
4 Ways to Help a Loved One Who's in Jail, Silver Hill, North Carolina

If you've received a call from a friend or family member in jail, you’re likely feeling helpless and scared for them. The team at Allied Bonding Company, the premier bail bond professional in Lexington, NC, wants to help both of you find a quick and easy solution for temporary release. Whether your loved one needs funds or emotional support, they offer a few ways you can help them and make this challenging time easier.

How to Help an Incarcerated Loved One

1. Call or Write

There is little to occupy someone serving time in a correctional facility, so inmates eagerly anticipate and cherish contact with the outside world. Letters and phone calls give them something to look forward to and keep them updated about the lives and goings on of those they care about, so they can still feel connected. 

2. Visit Frequently

If you are within driving distance of the detention facility, try to visit as often as you can. It lets inmates know you still love them and assures them they haven't been forgotten. Try to bring their kids, friends, and other loved ones, so they can catch up, stay in touch, and get the support they need during this difficult and isolating time.

3. Keep in Touch With Their Attorney

Stay in touch with your loved one's attorney to ensure they're receiving the best possible legal representation. Your friend or family member may need your help filling out forms or understanding the next steps in the legal process.

4. Help Them Make Bail

Bail bonds in Lexington, NCIf they are in jail only until they can make bail, help them get free by reaching out to a bail bond specialist. Most people cannot afford to pay the entire amount themselves, so they contact these professionals to put up the funds owed in exchange for payment of a small percentage of the total.

You don’t have to feel powerless if a friend or family member has been locked up and needs your help. Contact Allied Bonding Company in Lexington, NC. They've been supplying affordable bail bonds to help clients or their loved ones get out of jail for over 15 years. Their team is discreet, compassionate, and dedicated to helping people throughout the Piedmont Triad area. Visit their website to view location information, or call (336) 239-2270 to speak to a bail bond agent.