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Do's & Don'ts When Consoling a Grieving Loved One April 16, 2018

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Do's & Don'ts When Consoling a Grieving Loved One, Wayne, West Virginia

When an individual passes away, it can be difficult to find the right words and actions to help a loved one with their grief. Funeral home staff members say people often ask them how to properly console a grieving friend or family member. While there is no one right course of action, they often recommend adhering to a few do’s and don’ts.


Express Your Condolences

During this difficult time, your loved one should know you care and feel for their situation. Express your condolences without comparing their loss to something you may have suffered in your past. Instead, say you’re sorry and let them know you’re close by and available should they need anything. 

Show Your Support With Actions

Funeral HomeIf you’re unable to find the right words to express sympathy, it’s okay to simply be present and offer a hug. Show up for your friend or family member and sit with them, ready to listen or share memories. Continue to check in and demonstrate you care by helping with chores, errands, or cooking meals after the service at the funeral home.


Minimize the Loss

Losing someone is one of the most challenging parts of life, and it can feel overwhelming for those left behind. In these sensitive moments, avoid minimizing the loss by remarking on the deceased’s long life or legacy. Instead, let your friend or family member look back fondly and feel the weight of the loss so they can heal and move forward. 

Put a Timeline on Grief

The grieving process is different for everyone. As such, avoid putting a timeline on when they should start to feel more like themselves and return to business as usual. If you’re concerned about depression, contact the funeral home you worked with to see if they have resources or if they can recommend a support group.


Morris Funeral Home has been a pillar of the Wayne, WV, community since 1932. As a family-owned business, they believe in providing friendly, respectful, and caring services to their clients. If you’re looking for a compassionate funeral director to assist with burial services or memorial logistics, call them today at (304) 272-5171 to schedule an appointment. To learn more about their staff and review grief resources, visit their website.

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