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3 Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Drone Pilot April 16, 2018

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3 Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Drone Pilot, Corvallis, Oregon

While it’s true that nearly anyone can buy a drone, it’s important to understand that not every individual should operate them. As unmanned aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration legally requires all drone pilots to possess appropriate licensure. Known as the Remote Pilot Certificate, this license ensures that an operator is fully trained on laws affecting airspace and how to control the drone in a way that is safe for the public. But is investing in a licensed drone pilot worth it? Here are three reasons you shouldn’t take your chances with an uncertified operator.

Why You Should Only Hire a Licensed Drone Pilot

1. Legal Fines

Putting an amateur pilot to work is a violation of FAA regulations that could result in a hefty fine. While the pilot will be charged individually, you will also be held responsible and required to pay a fine. In addition to these fees, you could find yourself liable for damages that result from operating the drone.

2. Privacy Protection

drone pilotProviding aerial photography and videography, drones are capable of capturing a lot on camera–including things that shouldn’t end up on film. If these devices violate a person’s privacy rights in any way, you and the unlicensed pilot could be held accountable. By contrast, licensed professionals understand the limits of privacy laws and how to direct the drone in a way that won’t violate these rights.

3. Safety Risks

Remote pilot certification requires an individual to show they understand how to not only operate a drone, but maneuver it in various conditions–such as around obstacles or in bad weather. Without this knowledge, the risk of an accident increases, putting you and others in danger. If you want to avoid having a craft crash into your property or another person, only hire a specialist who understands safe operation guidelines.


Getting the very best in aerial photography and videography doesn’t have to come with any risks when you hire the specialists at Alien Drone Services. Supported only by licensed drone pilots, this company takes every step to ensure you receive quality results in a safe and compliant manner. With an advanced understanding of remote piloting, these professionals know how to operate their crafts for a variety of purposes. For example, they offer comprehensive real estate photography and aerial videography for events throughout the Corvallis, OR, region. You can learn more about these capabilities online or by calling a friendly team member at (234) 254-3637.

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