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7 Steps to Plan Your Ideal Wedding Banquet April 17, 2018

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
7 Steps to Plan Your Ideal Wedding Banquet, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Your wedding day is an opportunity to celebrate your love surrounded by family and friends. From the decor to the location, you want the entire ceremony to reflect you and your partner’s personality. The catering you choose should particularly be to your taste. Marians Catering in Wahiawa, HI, has over 60 years of experience creating incredible wedding dishes. Here they go over the steps for planning the feast for your big day.

7 Steps for Planning a Wedding to Your Taste

1. Be Yourself

CateringFirst and foremost, you and your partner should stay true to yourselves when making decisions. Although your family and friends’ opinions are certainly helpful, they should not be the final factor in determining the details of your celebration.

2. Set the Scene

Consider the lighting and decor that you’d like to incorporate. Candles offer a romantic feel, lush greenery lends an earthy vibe, and bright, vibrant colors set up a festive atmosphere. Whether you decide on decor or food first, they should harmonize when put together on your banquet table.

3. Design Your Menu

Once you know where you’re getting married and have your guest list, it’s time to think about what food you’d like to serve. You can choose a type of cuisine, or you can share a few of your favorite recipes to discuss with your catering company. They can incorporate them into your menu and suggest complementary dishes to follow.

4. Consider Dietary Needs

When meeting with your catering company, let them know of any dietary restrictions that must be accommodated. They can come up with dishes sure to satisfy all of your guests, food allergies or dietary preferences notwithstanding.

5. Sample the Recipes

Once you and your caterer come up with a menu, the best part of decision-making is sampling the food. You’ll want to make sure every dish is to your liking and indicative of your personal tastes, and change anything that isn’t.

6. Order Your Cake

A wedding cake is the crowning medium of expression. Your catering team can help you personalize one with embellishments like flowers or butterflies.

7. Review Your Plans

After you’ve made all of your decisions, take a moment for a gut check. Review all of your plans, and if any aspects of your wedding don’t feel authentic to you and your partner, don’t be afraid to change them.

To plan a wedding banquet perfectly suited to your personality, you’ll need to work with the right catering company. Marians Catering in Wahiawa, HI, takes pride in creating custom menus of delicious Hawaiian, Japanese, and local foods for weddings to remember. Call (808) 621-6758 or visit their website to find out more about their wedding catering service.

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