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How to Do Your Part for April’s Keep America Beautiful Month April 16, 2018

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
How to Do Your Part for April’s Keep America Beautiful Month, Jacksonville East, Florida

Every April, Keep America Beautiful Month brings awareness to the small, conscientious steps that make a big difference. Through three basic tenets: prevent litter, reduce waste, and improve communities, people can help preserve their natural surroundings and boost the standard of living. For insight into what you can do this—and every—month, the outerwear company Over Under Clothing provides a helpful guide to a few easy gestures that uphold those values during outdoor activities.

Reduce Waste

There are plenty of ways to reduce waste, and, as a result, humanity’s overall footprint. When on a picnic or camping trip, burn dead wood and use only an established ring to start fires. Always carry a garbage bag with you on hikes and keep any trash away from wildlife. The next time you go hunting, clean up after yourself, so as not to leave a trace.

Don’t Litter

outerwearWhile a scrap here and there may not seem like a big deal, even small items pose a very significant threat to wildlife and the environment. By making a concerted effort to leave the space exactly as you found it, you can help protect the forests and prevent fires. Whenever you go camping, hiking, or hunting, clean up any food wrappers, bottles, or other garbage in the area. 

Improve the Community

Beyond cleaning up trash and reducing personal waste, start thinking about the bigger picture and how you can positively impact the community. For instance, if you’re out and notice garbage that isn’t yours, pick it up and set an example rather than decide it’s someone else’s problem. You can also get involved by joining an environmental community service program. By lending your time to a greater cause, you’re contributing to a better a world for future generations.

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