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3 Ways Home Humidity Levels Affect Your Health April 16, 2018

Dupont, Commerce City
3 Ways Home Humidity Levels Affect Your Health, Commerce City, Colorado

Proper humidity control is an important part of a healthy home. Air that is too dry or humid can reduce your indoor air quality and make you sick. Here, the HVAC contractors at Aire Serv of North Denver in Commerce City, CO, share the advantages of optimal humidity at home.

3 Health Benefits of Proper Home Humidity Control

1. Improve Skin/Hair Hydration

Proper hydration is essential to healthy skin and hair. Low humidity levels can make skin dry and itchy and hair brittle, dull, and lifeless. Consider air drying your laundry or placing containers of water on top of the furnace to create some moisture in the air. If levels are still too low, contact an HVAC contractor. They can assess your humidity levels and attach a humidifier to the heating or air conditioning unit to provide proper moisture throughout the home.

2. Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms 

HVAC contractorHumidity levels that are above 60% can also negatively impact your health. Too much moisture attracts mold spores that percolate the air and cause allergies and upper respiratory symptoms. Consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier. They are more efficient than individual dehumidifiers for every room. Plus, energy-efficient models can help you cut down on utility bills. If you have severe seasonal allergies, your HVAC contractor can help you pick one out that doubles as an air purification system.

3. Pure, Clean Air

Dry air attracts bacteria and viruses, while humid air acts as a breeding ground for fungi and dust mites. Humidity levels between 40-60% can help you feel healthier, sleep better, and breathe easier. Ideal humidity levels vary in different climate zones and can change throughout the year. Getting regular HVAC inspections will ensure you maintain proper humidity levels and keep your systems running smoothly.

Improve the humidity levels in your home with help from Aire Serv of North Denver in Commerce City. For the past 26 years, their team of HVAC contractors has been helping the local community feel comfortable in their homes. From system upgrades to routine maintenance, their service is backed by their “Fixed Right Promise.” Call (303) 288-2919 or visit them online for more details about their available services.

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