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3 Ways Music Education Enriches the Lives of Children With Special Needs April 17, 2018

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3 Ways Music Education Enriches the Lives of Children With Special Needs, Clarksville, Maryland

Music is a driving force for many people. For kids with special needs, music education is beneficial in numerous ways, from developing cognitive abilities to providing opportunities for socialization. As a result, many parents are turning to music lessons to help their kids achieve success, no matter what challenges they may face.

How Does Music Education Help Kids With Special Needs?

1) Forges a Deeper Bond

For some children with disabilities, forming strong bonds can be difficult. This is especially true for non-verbal kids, who sometimes can’t hold meaningful conversations with others. In this case, music allows them to forge deep and lasting bonds even when words fail. Kids can connect with others when playing music, while having fun in the process.

2) Offers Motivation

music educationMany kids with special needs are required to undergo therapy to improve their abilities. Therapy sessions are often difficult, and as a result, children may become discouraged. Music is an excellent motivator, as many kids are drawn to instruments or singing more than conventional therapeutic methods. Most children also view playing instruments or singing songs as fun, so they’ll be more likely to participate in tasks centered around these activities compared to others.

3) Engages Multiple Senses

Playing an instrument and or singing engages many senses, which are beneficial for children with cognitive disabilities. Along with sound, kids will use touch to manipulate instruments and sight to ensure they are properly playing the instruments and singing according to the music. Engaging multiple senses helps children strengthen their abilities, such as hand-eye coordination, listening skills, critical thinking skills, memory,  and provides them with a sense of pride in achieving their goals through hard work.


In Columbia, Suzuki Music School of Maryland believes all children will benefit from a music education. They help their students hone their musical abilities and instill in them a sense of self-worth. They have been offering both instrument and voice lessons for 30 years. Call (410) 964-1983 or visit them online to learn more about their current courses.

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