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3 Tips to Improve Your Long Distance Moving Experience April 13, 2018

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3 Tips to Improve Your Long Distance Moving Experience, Puyallup, Washington

Because of the increased travel time, long distance moving tends to be difficult for a resident to handle alone. At Safe to Go Movers we take pride in making that process easier. To help our customers feel as prepared as possible for the big day, we’ve provided these tips for making long distance moving easier.

A Guide to Long Distance Moving 

1. Get Started Months in Advance

The further out that you begin the moving process, the more room you give yourself for error. For starters, by calling us two or three months out, you increase the likelihood that you can get the time slot that you want. We can also help ensure that you’re all packed and ready to go well before the move date, which will alleviate stress. When you create a monthly schedule, you can proceed with sorting and packing in a methodical manner instead of rushing.

long distance moving2. Weed Out What You Don’t Want

The less you bring with you, the more you’ll save. Since you’re embarking on a long distance move, the weight of your belongings affects the price of moving more than it would for a local move. It’s a common pitfall to take every possession; savvy movers review their belongings and ask themselves what they no longer need or want.

3. Don’t Pack Foods & Drinks

It’s not a good idea to stow away liquids or non-perishable foods. For one thing, a drink could spill and stain or ruin many of your other belongings. Due to the long journey, there’s also a chance food could attract pests, so it’s best to leave it unless it’s completely sealed and unopened. 

If you need help with long distance moving, reach out to Safe to Go Movers in Tacoma, WA, for advice and manpower. We will take care of your belongings and have experience moving delicate antiques. To speak to one of our friendly staffers, just call (253) 268-9400 or learn more by visiting our website.  

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