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A Hawaiian Restaurant’s Guide to Seafood April 13, 2018

North Shore, Waialua
A Hawaiian Restaurant’s Guide to Seafood, Waialua, Hawaii

If you’re relatively new to seafood, you might not be aware of the vast variety of flavors and textures fish and crustaceans offer. Those attempting to expand their palate may run into the problem of where to begin. Haleiwa Joe’s Seafood Grill, located on the North Shore of Oahu, can help you find the best seafood to get you started. This Hawaiian restaurant is here to guide you through some of the most common dishes.

The Seafood Guide for Beginners

1. Salmon

Many newcomers experience an aversion to the fishy taste of seafood. If that sounds familiar, salmon is the ideal place to start. Most types of salmon have a strong, full flavor, but it isn’t fishy. Its fresh flavors are topped only by its nutritional value. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals, salmon is a great dish to have in your diet.

2. Tuna

The smell of canned tuna is strong and sometimes unpleasant, but fresh tuna is entirely different. It’s a meaty, salty fish with intense flavors. Ahi, a type of tuna common in Hawaiian restaurants, is often served seared, grilled, or raw. Sushi, sashimi, and poke are great ways to try raw ahi.

3. Crab

Hawaiian restaurantCrab is a highly versatile crustacean. At Haleiwa Joe’s, you can order it deep fried in sushi, served on a bed of fresh salad, or steamed with lemon and butter. It has a subtle sweetness and brine to it, and it tends to handle a bit more delicately than fish. Nutritionally, crab is low in fat, high in vitamin B12, and an excellent source of protein.

4. Mahimahi

Mahimahi is a Hawaiian term meaning “very strong,” potentially alluding to their reputation for being fast, powerful swimmers. This makes them leaner, firmer fish. Mahimahi has a mild, juicy flavor with a hint of sweetness. As such, it pairs well with stronger sauces and sides.

5. Shrimp

Perhaps the most popular seafood item on the menu, shrimp can be prepared many ways. Its lightly buttery and fishy taste lends itself to a wide range of delicious flavor combinations. From tropical coconut to savory seasoning, it isn’t hard to find a favorite recipe. Try it buttery and sauteed or fried and crispy.

When you’re ready to explore the unique flavors seafood has to offer, visit Haleiwa Joe’s. Known for their amazing views on the harbor and fresh fish caught daily, this Hawaiian restaurant is adored by locals and tourists alike. Their friendly servers will be happy to offer suggestions for beginners based on your preferences. Browse their dinner menu online, or call (808) 637-8005 to learn more.

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