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5 Potty Training Tricks for Preschool-Aged Kids April 13, 2018

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5 Potty Training Tricks for Preschool-Aged Kids, Creve Coeur, Missouri

Potty training can be challenging for parents and kids alike. It’s an important stage of early childhood development, but sometimes it might feel like your child will never learn to go by themselves. If you’re stuck in a rut potty training your preschool-aged child, here are a few ideas to help. 

Easy Potty Training Tips

1. Set a Timer

One of the biggest obstacles to getting your child to use the potty is teaching them to interrupt enjoyable activities when they need to go. A good way to overcome this problem is to set a time for them to visit the restroom. Set an alarm on your phone, or invest in a potty training watch for your tot.

2. Keep Score

A scoreboard or chart is a great visual reminder of their goals and achievements. Have they gotten to the potty more times than they missed? Can they go a whole day without an accident, and then a whole week? Use bright colors and fun stickers to get their attention and make it a game.

3. Make It Fun

PreschoolSpeaking of games, there are a few possibilities to make potty training fun for your child instead of frustrating. Add a little food coloring to the water in the toilet bowl so they can see it change when they go–or, for little boys, toss a few pieces of cereal in the water for them to aim at.

4. Act It Out

Playtime is good practice for anything you want to teach your child. Show them how well their favorite stuffed animal can sit on the potty, and encourage them to supervise potty time. This will help them think through the steps involved and normalize the activity.

5. Get Help

If you’re worn out on potty training, you can always enlist help. Many preschools offer educational programs that include potty training. Talk to your local schools and see if your child can enroll–it can take a lot of the pressure off of you.


Potty training is a big step in your child’s life, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. To make things easier for you and your child, try incorporating some of these tips today. And if your child is ready for preschool, choose Lucky Lane Nursery School in St. Louis, MO. Their campus is designed with safety, fun, and development in mind and will help your child meet milestones. To ask about enrollment or for any other questions, contact them at (314) 434-4462 or online.

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