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How Does Hotel Bedding Stay So White? April 13, 2018

Mason, Warren
 How Does Hotel Bedding Stay So White?, Mason, Ohio

Have you ever slept on hotel bedding so crisp and clean that you wondered how the staff keeps the sheets so white? You may want to apply their laundering regimen to your household linens. Below, the bedding specialists at DOWNLITE share several tips for cleaning techniques that hotels utilize.

Hotel Secrets

Hotel BeddingHotels often use the same laundry detergents you buy in the grocery store. Commercial-grade detergents have a higher pH balance than consumer-grade products. The higher pH can break down fabric fibers faster, causing the material to look worn out. Using the consumer-grade detergents which have a neutral pH keeps the sheets soft, sparkling, and in optimum condition. Bleach has a yellowing effect on linens, making it a sparingly used cleansing method.

Hotels go through hundreds of linens on a daily basis. The staff typically follows the same washing routine in order to keep the fabric looking beautiful. The trick to keeping the sheets white is to never over-fill the washing machine. If the washer is over-capacity, the fabric won’t have enough room for the appliance to work adequately. 

Washing Methods

The staff will typically fill the washer to 80% capacity to give hotel bedding the appropriate space. The fabric must be washed on a warm machine setting to clean it thoroughly. When the sheets are washed in cold water, it becomes possible for bacteria and mites to survive the cycle. When the water is too hot the fabric can quickly become damaged.

Now that you know some of the top methods for keeping hotel bedding white and clean, give them a try at home. DOWNLITE bedding is used in hotels throughout the country and you can have the same high-quality comforters, mattress pads, and pillows in your bedrooms. Purchase their down bedding products online or give them a call at (866) 931-3696 today.

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