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3 Key Health Benefits of Warm Water Swimming April 13, 2018

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3 Key Health Benefits of Warm Water Swimming, Honolulu, Hawaii

Swimming in warm water feels relaxing and luxurious. Beyond that, though, it also offers a number of unique health benefits. On the surface, a pool heating system may simply sound like a lavish accessory to indulge in—but it also can seriously improve one’s overall well-being. If you’re interested in an improved quality of life, take a look at a few key benefits a heated pool offers. 

What Are the Health Benefits of a Pool Heating System?

1. Pain Relief

Humans have been soaking sore muscles and joints in thermal baths for centuries. Warm water heats the muscles, aiding in flexibility while also relieving tension. Heat application is also a proven way to reduce pain and inflammation. Meanwhile, swimming in warm water improves blood flow and circulation throughout the body.

2. Year-Round Exercise

pool heating systemPool heating systems allow you to enjoy the benefits of exercise all year long. It can be challenging to find ways to exercise during the cooler months, especially for those who have joint problems that prevent them from engaging in high-impact activities. Fortunately, warm water allows the muscles and joints to attain optimal range of motion without undue stress. Regular exercise not only improves physical well-being, but also one’s mental health and day-to-day mood.

3. Rehabilitation Purposes

Personal trainers and physical therapists alike often recommend swimming to help those recovering from injury. When jogging and aerobics may be out of the question, exercising in warm water will not cause stress on the healing joints. In addition to strengthening the joints, muscles, and tendons in the body, warm water swimming allows patients to stretch to improve mobility.


If you’re interested in installing a pool heating system, consult the Honolulu professionals who can help. The team from Solar Help Hawaii offers the range of solar water heaters necessary to transform your pool into the healing and relaxing aquatic haven you desire. To learn more about these solar leaders, visit their website. You can also call them today at (808) 548-4357.

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