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What Is Involved in Septic Pump Repairs? April 13, 2018

Waimea, Hawaii
What Is Involved in Septic Pump Repairs?, Waimea, Hawaii

Septic tanks and cesspools must effectively transport and treat the wastewater from your home. A properly installed system should operate out of sight and out of mind. However, some systems require routine septic pump repairs and maintenance. As a homeowner, here’s what you should know about the repair process.

What You Can Expect from Septic Pump Repairs

1. Shut Off

For safety’s sake, a septic cleaning professional will begin by shutting off the breaker for the septic pump from your home’s electrical panel. They will also disconnect the septic pump from your plumbing system and completely remove it from the tank.

2. Remove Debris

Septic pumps can become clogged with sludge and debris, which will prevent your septic tank and cesspool from properly removing and treating wastewater. Once the pump has been removed, a professional will remove accumulated debris from the pump’s impeller, taking care not to damage the part itself. They may use specific equipment to more thoroughly clean and repair the septic pump as needed.

3. Replace

After your pump has been properly serviced, it will be lowered back into the tank and reattached. Once the breaker has been switched on, you should be able to verify that the pump is operational when you see your system’s water level drop.

Signs You Need Septic Pump Repairs

septic pump repairs

You might need septic pump repair if you notice a few telltale signs: gurgling sounds in your pipes when you flush, your toilet bowl drains slowly or incompletely, or you find flooding in or around your home. Take these warning signs to heart and reach out to a septic service professional sooner rather than later. Small problems can quickly snowball into major repairs if left untreated.


If you’re concerned about your septic system, reach out to ABC Cesspool & Septic Pumping in Kamuela, HI, today. They believe in high-quality workmanship and attention to detail with every job, whether it’s septic pump repair, cleaning, or installation. To speak with a friendly representative about your needs, call (808) 887-0766. Visit their website for more resources on septic systems.

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