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3 Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens April 13, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens , Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you run a five-star restaurant or operate a school cafeteria, safety should always be top of mind in any commercial kitchen. From how to properly use equipment to procedures to follow in case of fire, the policies implemented in the kitchen impact the productivity of employees and the quality of business operations. Below are a few safety tips for your space. 

3 Strategies to Make Your Commercial Kitchen Safer 

1. Place Nonslip Mats on Floors

From grease popping out of pans while cooking to water spilling out of sinks when washing dishes, there are several ways commercial kitchen floors can become damp and slippery. Although floors should be mopped daily as part of cleaning duties, installing nonslip mats will prevent accidents during the workday.

2. Install Equipment Guards

Honolulu-Hawaii-commercial-kitchenTo cut down on food preparation time, many commercial kitchens use heavy-duty mixers, grinders, and slicer machines. If not careful, someone could easily get cut while operating equipment. To reduce the risk of injury, install equipment guards on any appliances with razor-sharp edges. This will prevent contact with dangerous mechanical components.   

3. Perform Routine Fire Safety Drills

Working over an open flame can be dangerous, especially in a fast-paced commercial kitchen environment. If a fire starts, the staff should be familiar with proper protocol to evacuate the area safely and stay out of harm’s way. To be better prepared for any situation that might arise, practice fire drills with employees. 


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