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Will a Commercial Copier Benefit Your Company? April 13, 2018

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Will a Commercial Copier Benefit Your Company?, Anchorage, Alaska

Modern copiers are the Swiss Army Knifes® of the corporate workplace. They provide a host of functions in an intuitive format anyone can use. Whether you frequently print out documents or need a tool to facilitate the transition to a paperless office, copiers are more important than ever in the digital age. Here’s how a commercial copier will make your business more efficient.

A Must-Have for the Digital Age

copierAnyone working in the corporate world knows that times are changing. Tools that were once standard office equipment around the world have become obsolete in recent years, thanks to internet applications and mobile technology.

Copiers, however, have remained indispensable, because they can bridge the gap between paper and screens. They’ve absorbed the functions of other tools like fax machines, USBs, and wireless printers. They provide an easy way to digitize hard copies, and—thanks to their ability to connect to the cloud—they can even assist with tasks like digital filing.

A Tool to Streamline Daily Tasks

All industrious employees are looking for ways to become more efficient and trim the amount of time they spend on tasks like converting files and printing documents. Modern photocopiers assist with this by providing new features, like the ability to store digital files for later use.

Workers no longer need to rescan forms every time they want to copy them—instead, they can simply select a file they’ve stored in the past and make as many copies as they need, all in a matter of seconds. In fact, they no longer even need to leave their desk to do this: they can send files to the machine via wireless connections, avoiding any interruptions in productivity.


If you work at an Alaska-based business and are looking for a copier, Office Products Services has what you need. Based in Anchorage, they sell products from manufacturers such as Savin®, Ricoh®, and Lanier®. They also service many of the products they sell to help customers remain on track. Learn more about their selection now by visiting them online or calling (907) 562-1320.

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