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Valley Springs Tree Company Suggests Watering Schedule April 13, 2018

Valley Springs, Calaveras
Valley Springs Tree Company Suggests Watering Schedule  , Valley Springs, California

If your property features trees, you need to keep up with proper care, including pruning and stump removal. Additionally, in between visits from a qualified tree company, you need to maintain a healthy watering schedule. This will keep the yard looking lush and healthy. In Valley Springs, CA,  Lone Pine Tree Service has perfected the optimal watering cycle to ensure growth and to deter disease. Below, they explain everything you need to know. 

Tree Company Explains the Ideal Watering Approach


Trees require more water in the spring and summer. When the weather is hot, water them two or three times per week. When you are hit with particularly harsh temperatures, you may need to increase the frequency to four or five times per week until the heat wave breaks and fall begins to roll in. Older, more established trees have deeper roots, which means that you’ll have to deliver more water to the larger greenery to hydrate it sufficiently. 

tree companyIf you have saplings, keep to a twice-per-week schedule. This will ensure they get just enough water to grow without flooding their roots and disrupting their strength.


If you are practicing a regular timeframe for when you water your trees and are still seeing them wilt, the problem may be an issue of how you are doing it, instead. Water too much and too little can both cause the plants to whither. If the soil and the trunk are consistently wet, you are likely giving it more water than it can hold. Conversely, if the leaves appear to curl and wilt, it means the tree is not getting enough hydration, so you should boost the amount you deliver with each watering. 

If you still can’t seem to figure out what the problem is with your trees, turn to the team at Lone Pine Tree Service in Valley Springs, CA, for help. Their qualified arborists will take a close look at your property to determine the root of the problem and offer pruning, grinding, and trimming services until your yard is healthy again. Visit them online for more information on their services, and call the tree company (209) 772-3411 to schedule an appointment today.