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Series 3, Part 6: What Else Could Be Corroding My Metal Door Frame? April 20, 2018

Brighton, Livingston
Series 3, Part 6: What Else Could Be Corroding My Metal Door Frame?, Brighton, Michigan

Readers of this series know: if you don’t want to end up with a corroded metal door frame, you have to stay vigilant. But Door Innovation, the Brighton, MI, company known for their door frame solutions, has seen it happen: a business tries everything to protect their frame, but it still corrodes.

The Question: Why Is My Metal Door Frame Still Corroding?

You’ve removed your door frame form all salt exposure, you’ve installed a drip cap, you don’t use caustic cleaning chemicals, and you’re not in a coastal area — but you still end up with a corroded metal door frame. What else could be the cause?

The Answer: Check Your Business for Leaks

LeaksCorroded Metal Door Frame come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common: they tend to do the greatest damage to walls and anything that connects to them. Metal door frames aren’t safe either. Water that penetrates your building tends to run right down the walls and seep underneath the door frame — and once it gets in, it’s nearly impossible to remove.

Water that seeps behind your door frame will damage two parts: the steel that connects it to the wall and the masonry laid underneath it. The latter is made from a porous, concrete-like substance that holds water like a sponge. It’ll quickly begin to degrade after exposure to water. The connective steel of the metal door frame resists water a little better, but prolonged exposure to moisture will cause it to rust.

You can do everything in the books to stop corrosion, but if you’re not making a regular effort of finding and patching up any leaks in your business, all your efforts could go to waste. It’s something to make a priority of, in any case, considering how much damage water and mold can do to the rest of your structure.

If only it were so easy, you might be thinking. Many business owners live with leaks they don’t discover until it’s too late. That’s where Door Innovation comes in. Simply cut out the corrosion and install their Jamb Patch in the door frame. This DIY fix can be carried out in a couple of hours, costs significantly less than replacing a whole corroded metal door frame, and will bring your door back to full function and insulation. Call Door Innovation at (810) 227-7111 or visit their website today.