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3 Fun Bowling Activities to Build Teamwork April 12, 2018

Shelby, La Crosse County
3 Fun Bowling Activities to Build Teamwork, Shelby, Wisconsin

Large corporations, families, youth groups, and even churches are more successful when the group trusts each other and operates as a unit. Bowling is an excellent way to build team trust in a relaxed and fun environment. Rather than take the traditional approach to the activity, top bowling alley All Star Lanes & Banquets in La Crosse, WI, suggest the following alternatives.

Team Building Games at the Bowling Alley 

1. Bowling Buddies

BowlingCreate teams of two and tie a rope to each players leg. Each member of the team bowls on a separate lane, while tied together. They must work together to devise a strategy to score the most points against the other teams.

2. Blind Bowl

Have members of the team pair up in twos. Each player takes a turn bowling. However, they must bowl blindfolded. Their teammate’s job is to help them navigate down the lane and line up a straight shot without stepping over the foul line. Standard bowling rules apply, with the exception being that teammates must rotate after each frame.

3. Spare Me

In this fun version of the game, players bowl under one name and take turns in the same frame to knock over all of the pins. In this way, the team shares joint responsibility for knocking over pins to achieve the highest score.

Bowling is a fun and rewarding activity. If you need a bowling alley to host your next team building activity, All Star Lanes & Banquets is the place to go. Play a game of pool, watch the game on one of their plasma TVs, and enjoy a great meal from the grill when you visit this neighborhood hotspot. Call (608) 788-7827 or visit them online for more details. Go to their Yelp® page to read reviews from past bowlers. 

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