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3 Signs Your Laptop Has a Virus April 19, 2018

Falconhurst, Asheville
3 Signs Your Laptop Has a Virus, Asheville, North Carolina

Laptops are useful for a number of on-the-go purposes, whether it’s working with clients, playing games, or watching movies. Because they’re crucial to everyday life, you can’t afford to deal with operating issues. Viruses are a common source of slowdowns, and they can occur even on Apple® devices, according to the computer repair professionals at Experimac Asheville in Buncombe County, NC. Several telltale signs indicate your laptop has a virus, and by recognizing them, you’ll get your laptop repaired before significant damage occurs.

How to Tell if Your Laptop Has a Virus & Needs Computer Repair

1. Sudden Slowdowns

computer-repairMalware prevents your computer from running at optimal speeds, as applications will be slow to open, operate, and close. It can also slow down your internet connectivity speeds. You should first see if the problem is related to a lack of RAM or storage space on your device. If you rule those causes out, the issue is likely a virus.

2. Changed Settings

If you open your laptop and notice your basic settings, such as the display, color, and track speed, have changed, it’s an immediate sign of an infection. This also applies to the way you’ve set up internet browsers and icons. Many viruses are programmed to alter your desktop setup after they’re downloaded.

3. Unexplained Pop-Up Windows

Unlike traditional pop-up advertisements you may see while browsing, adware will appear more frequently, and sometimes while you’re not even using your laptop. Never click on any of these, as they may only introduce more viruses and malware to your system.

Viruses not only affect your laptop’s performance, but they also leave your personal data susceptible to hackers and corrupt your files. When you suspect your device is infected, turn to the professionals at Experimac Asheville. They offer comprehensive computer repair services and will eradicate any malware present on your device. The store also sells a variety of Apple® devices if you need to replace your laptop. Call (828) 505-6260 today to speak with their staff, and visit their website for more information about their services.

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