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How Your HVAC System Is Making Allergy Season Worse April 13, 2018

Ozark, Christian
How Your HVAC System Is Making Allergy Season Worse , Ozark, Missouri

Every spring, mold, pollen, and hay fever cause discomfort for those with allergies. Symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, congestion, and headaches can be worsened when your heating and cooling system is dirty or in need of service. Below is how HVAC repair and regular cleaning can help you stay comfortable this spring.

Allergies & HVAC

HVAC units are equipped with filters that protect the equipment and help maintain optimal air quality in your home. These filters catch dust, dirt, and microscopic particles before sending air into your vents and throughout your residence. Without filters, allergens are not removed and are spread throughout your home.

Filters must be cleaned and replaced at least every three months to clear out the grime and dust they’ve been collecting over time. Excessively dirty or old filters are unable to do their job and will be ineffective in your HVAC unit.

While dust is a major allergy trigger in HVAC equipment, mold may also be lurking and can cause discomfort and illness. Check air ducts, evaporator coils, drip pans, drains, and the air handler for condensation buildup and any signs of mold. These components contain moisture that, when left unattended, will create the perfect environment for spores.


HVAC repairBesides regular filter maintenance, keeping equipment clean will also reduce allergens in your home. Include your cooling and heating system in your house cleaning plan. Dust off components to reduce particles from accumulating and blowing around. Wipe return vents and registers as well. Clean air blowing through a dirty vent won’t help those who are sensitive to dust.

While the beginning stages of mold can be cleaned, a big problem will require professional remediation. Also, calling an HVAC repair expert to inspect your equipment for any leaks and other trouble will reduce moisture buildup and future mold problems.

Regular HVAC repairs will also ensure internal parts of your unit are free from dirt and grime buildup that can affect air quality. Personnel will check for backups or inefficient parts, and they will ensure airflow is unobstructed.


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