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What Are Sugary Drinks Doing To Your Teeth? February 14, 2020

What Are Sugary Drinks Doing To Your Teeth? , Wasilla, Alaska

From sweetened fruit juices and foamy frappes to tall glasses of frosty soda, people today enjoy more sugary drinks than ever before, exacerbating tooth decay and causing a long list of other oral health problems. Here is a little more information about what sugary drinks are doing to your teeth, why your dentist warns against them, and how you can prevent problems. 

How Sweetened Beverages Affect Your Teeth

How Do Sugary Drinks Damage Your Smile?

While sugar doesn’t do much to harm the teeth directly, they create an ample food source for the oral bacteria that live in your mouth, which create acids and toxins as they grow and multiply. Over time, these acids can dissolve dental enamel to create cavities, and the toxins can irritate the gum tissue and cause it to pull away from the teeth. The problem is complicated when you sip on sweetened drinks throughout the day, as the acidity in your mouth changes each time you take a drink. 

What Can You Do To Prevent Problems? dentist

Fortunately, you can prevent problems with sugary drinks by making a few simple changes. For starters, try to consume beverages quickly instead of spreading out your consumption to give the pH in your mouth the chance to stabilize. Also, always use a straw, so that drinks don’t have the chance to bathe all of your teeth. To keep your smile even healthier, focus on adding more plain water and other unsweetened beverages into your diet. Also, talk with your dentist about how your eating and drinking habits have been impacting your teeth. 

Teeth and gums aren’t immune to damage, which is why regular checkups with your dentist are crucial. At Four Corners Dental Group: Anchorage, their team can help each member of your family with their specific dental needs, ranging from routine dental cleanings and checkups to root canals and dental bonding. To learn more about their commitment to dentistry, visit them online or call (907) 258-3384 to book an appointment with their Anchorage, AK office. 

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