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Auto Maintenance Tasks to Ensure Maximum Performance April 13, 2018

Tariffville, Simsbury
Auto Maintenance Tasks to Ensure Maximum Performance, Simsbury, Connecticut

Just like any other machine, your car needs to undergo periodic maintenance to function properly and last longer. If you neglect to have it serviced or postpone going into an auto body shop, you run the risk of damaging the engine and incurring more expensive repair costs. Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs, a leading car repair shop in Tariffville, CT, shares some information about auto maintenance.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Vehicle That Needs Maintenance?

The check engine light on your dashboard is named so because it warns you of issues involving the engine. If it lights up and stays on, there could be a problem with the oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, mass airflow sensor, or spark plugs. If the engine stalls or produces knocking sounds, you may have a dirty air filter or carbon deposits might have built up inside the engine. If you detect an unusual odor coming from your exhaust, you need to have your drive belt inspected. You should also be wary of a sudden drop in fuel-efficiency or a noticeable lack of power when accelerating or climbing uphill.

How Is Auto Maintenance Done?

auto maintenanceYour car owner’s manual will usually have a maintenance chart that will tell you when you need to have your vehicle serviced. Routine auto maintenance typically involves checking the fluid and tire pressure levels, inspecting the hoses and belts, testing the brake system and battery, and replacing the air filter. An oil change is also performed every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, or as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. The spark plugs, meanwhile, are replaced every 10,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on the type you use.   

Why Is It Necessary?

All the tasks mentioned contribute to making your engine run smoother and more efficiently. Regular maintenance helps prevent overheating and other car issues that can cause damage to internal parts, requiring expensive repair or replacement. Apart from potentially saving you money in fuel and service costs, a well-maintained vehicle is also safer to drive and will usually last longer.

If you need to have your car serviced, drop by Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs. This company has ASE®-certified mechanics with over 25 years of experience providing outstanding auto maintenance services, including engine tune-up, brake and transmission repair, and oil change. Give them a call at (860) 325-5977 for inquiries, or visit their website to view a complete list of the services they offer.

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