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3 Tips for Selecting & Tailoring Bridesmaid Dresses April 26, 2018

New York, New York
3 Tips for Selecting & Tailoring Bridesmaid Dresses , New York, New York

The bride-to-be and bridesmaids alike are tasked with coordinating the selection and customization of the wedding party’s dresses. To ensure everyone feels confident and looks stunning on the big day, it’s important to invest plenty of time in the dress search as well as the tailoring process. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of an upcoming wedding, you may want to learn these key tips to securing stunning bridesmaid dresses.

How to Select & Tailor Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Discuss Early

Since selecting, ordering, and tailoring dresses can be time consuming, it’s important to open the discussion as soon as possible. Even if your wedding is a year away, it’s time to commence making key decisions. Custom-ordering dresses can take months, so plan well ahead to ensure seamless proceedings.

2. Consider Everyone’s Unique Preferences

bridesmaid dressWhen it comes to the wedding, ultimately, the bride possesses the reigning authority. However, many strive to help their bridesmaids feel comfortable in their choice of dress. To ensure everyone’s satisfaction, take the time to meet and discuss everyone’s budget and aesthetic preferences. Those with bridal parties of diverse styles and body types may want to consider dresses of the same color and different styles, for instance. That way, you can find something that flatters everyone.

3. Invest in Tailoring

Tailoring can transform an ill-fitting dress into a beautiful creation—one you can visibly see was made for the bridesmaid in question. Most women require at least light alterations to ensure basic details like the correct bust size and dress length, but virtually every bridesmaid should have their dress tailored to guarantee a perfect fit. As soon as the dresses arrive, secure a qualified tailor who specializes in bridesmaid and wedding dresses. Feel free to ask for samples of their previous work. When it comes to this special occasion, you can’t afford to take any chances.


To ensure your bridesmaids slip into the perfect dress on your special day, consult New York, New York’s tailoring professionals. The team from Wo’s Custom Tailoring has been specializing in the art of wedding alterations for generations, and they will handle your party’s needs with the utmost care and precision. To learn more about how the seasoned tailors will help you, visit the business online. You may also call them today at (212) 988-9889.

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