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How to Keep Your Newly Planted Tree Alive This Spring April 12, 2018

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How to Keep Your Newly Planted Tree Alive This Spring, Macedon, New York

Do you know how often you should be watering your newly planted tree? Saplings need a generous amount of moisture until they become acclimated to your yard. That’s why watering is such a critical part of proper tree care. Here’s how to do it properly.

Tree Care Advice for Your Newly Planted Sapling

Establishing a Tree

Patience is key when it comes to tree care. Your new sapling can take anywhere from one to three seasons to become established in your yard. During this period, your transplant will need plenty of water until its root system is strong enough to support it. The larger the sapling, the longer this process will take.

Watering Properly

tree-careAs the days continue to heat up, a tree will need about an inch of water each week. Plan to water a new tree two to three times a week, adding supplemental watering days during a drought. Use one and a half to three gallons of water per inch of soil, and let it soak deep into the soil so it can reach the roots. This averages out to about 10 to 15 minutes of consistent watering.

Checking the Soil

Your soil can tell you a lot about your specific tree care needs. If you’re unsure about whether you’re over- or under-watering your sapling, touch the soil. Does it feel moist? The soil surrounding the roots should never be dry or over-saturated.  

Inspecting Your Irrigation System

Sprinkler systems are an excellent way to help your tree establish its roots. If your home has an irrigation system, have it inspected to make sure it’s using the right amount of water pressure. You might need to adjust the spray direction so the majority of the water lands on the roots — and not the trunk.


Those first couple of years with your tree are instrumental in determining its overall health. For more tree care advice this spring, talk to the professionals at T & T Tree and Landscape. As New York’s go-to landscaping company, they handle everything from emergency tree removal to tree planting. Learn more about their affordable tree services online or by calling (585) 223-3190 today.  

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