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Do’s & Don’ts to Keep Kids Safe During Ice Skating Lessons May 2, 2018

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Do’s & Don’ts to Keep Kids Safe During Ice Skating Lessons, Randolph, New Jersey

A visit to the ice skating rink is an excellent way to get exercise and have fun as a family. But if your child isn’t following safety precautions on the ice, they may fall and injure themselves or collide with another skater. To keep everyone safe during ice skating lessons, here are a few of the best ways to prepare.


Use Safety Equipment

If your child is new to ice skating, a helmet is a good idea in case of falls. Choose one that fits snugly and won’t slide or fall off while skating, so your child can have their hands free to balance.

Sharpen Your Skates

Ice Skating LessonsDull skate blades slide on the ice, making it difficult to control direction and speed. Make sure your child’s skate blades are sharpened regularly whenever your child can feel them sliding instead of biting into the ice.

Choose a Good Rink

A good rink should have sufficient staff and maintenance equipment to keep the ice reasonably smooth and free of debris. Visit your local rink before you arrange ice skating lessons to make sure it’s well maintained.


Wear Poorly Fitting Skates

Skate size isn’t the same as shoe size, so start from scratch with your child’s foot measurements, and try on different skates until you find a good fit. Your child’s toes should just barely brush the toe cap when the laces are tightened, and you should not fit more than one finger between their heel and the skate.

Neglect the Basics

Enroll your child in the ice skating lessons that fit their level of experience. Early classes teach basic control and safety rules for skating, which are essential for learning before attempting advanced material.

Ignore Instructions & Signage

When you bring your child to the rink, point out any posted rules and regulations, so your child is aware of these expectations. You should also check in with their instructor to make sure they’re following directions in class. Following rules and directions ensure safety on the ice.

With care, planning, and the right equipment, you can make your child’s ice skating lessons safer. Not only will this approach prevent injuries while skating, but it will also ensure a positive skating experience, so your child will come back to the ice again.


For smooth skating and ice hockey in Randolph, NJ, choose Aspen Ice. The experienced, friendly staff offers ice skating lessons and summer camp programs for your children, as well as adult classes and public skating. For questions, contact them directly by calling (973) 927-9122 or finding specific contact information online

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