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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Perfect Your Swim Technique April 13, 2018

Allston, Boston
Why Summer Is the Best Time to Perfect Your Swim Technique, Boston, Massachusetts

Does anything go better with summer than water sports? Getting in the pool is a great way to beat the heat while improving swim technique. Here, the staff at Technique Swim Academy in Boston, MA, explore several reasons why summer is ideal for spending time improving your stroke.

Summer Swimming Benefits

With the warm weather and blazing sun, summer is the perfect season to take swimming classes. Instead of staying cooped up in the house, you can be active without sacrificing cool relief. You can work toward your goals and enjoy the water at the same time. Whether you work on your own, with a team, or with a coach, you can take the time to improve your front and backstroke techniques.

Swim TechniqueSchool will be out, so there is plenty of time to practice. Fewer distractions and lighter schedules allow for full focus on your training. You won’t have to worry about homework or other obligations; instead, you can work with your coach to improve your technique and become a better competitive swimmer.

Improve Your Swim Stroke

While working on your swim technique, it helps to consult qualified professionals who can help you succeed. With their in-depth knowledge of strokes, they can spot inefficiencies and help you eliminate them for better times and reduced chance of injury.

In summer, there are also swim camps that encourage athletes to focus on their technique. This gives swimmers a predetermined time to work with professionals and peers to set goals and reach them. This means not only participating in stroke drills, but also learning about nutrition, stretching, and goal-setting, which will push young athletes to become the swimmers they’ve always wanted to be.

Improving your swim technique this summer will be a worthwhile endeavor. Let the Technique Swim Academy help increase your competitive edge with their intensive swim clinics. To find out more about their program, call (617) 484-0550 or visit them online for additional information about their stroke development and freestyle swimming classes.

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