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3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Catered Event April 13, 2018

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3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Catered Event, Kalispell, Montana

No matter the occasion, planning the perfect event takes time and careful attention to detail. Providing top-notch catering services for your guests is a great place to start, and hiring a reliable restaurant to help organize and create your menu puts you at an advantage. Below is a helpful list of various things you should consider when preparing for your event.

3 Tips for Your Next Catered Event

1. Choose a Reputable Caterer

EntertainmentA successful party needs great food from a trusted restaurant and catering team. Ask around your social circle or check online reviews to find the best local caterer for your event. Once you narrow down several contenders, request a tasting menu so you can sample the dishes you intend to serve at the party. Whether you’re hosting a formal event, an intimate anniversary dinner or a birthday bash, you should ensure that the food tastes amazing and is appropriate for the occasion.

2. Hire Live Music

Complementing the catering with live music will please your guests by making the occasion more festive. Do you know any up-and-coming musicians or local bands? If not, you can always put the word out on social media that you need to hire live entertainment. You can also contact a band or DJ booking service to request a specific musical genre for your party.

3. Consider Food Allergies

When you’re throwing a party, it’s a good idea to find out which guests suffer from food allergies or have restrictive diets so the caterers can plan accordingly. When you request guests to RSVP, include a section where they can mention any dietary concerns. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to offer a selection of vegetarian or kosher dishes to keep the menu diverse.


When you’re ready to plan your next event, contact the talented team at 406 Bar & Grill in Kalispell, MT. Their experienced chef offers a delicious catering menu that will accommodate all diets and is sure to please your guests. The restaurant and cocktail bar is a favorite spot for local residents seeking good food, a great atmosphere, and live music. Call (406) 755-4441 or visit them online to find out more about their menu offerings.

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