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What a Fertility Clinic Wants You to Consider Before Donating Eggs or Sperm April 24, 2018

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What a Fertility Clinic Wants You to Consider Before Donating Eggs or Sperm , Honolulu, Hawaii

Donating eggs or sperm is a beautiful way to help loving couples grow their family; however, contributing to the creation of new life is not a process you should take lightly. If you want to help an infertile couple have children, there are a few things to consider before going through with the donation process. Below, the compassionate team at a leading fertility clinic in Honolulu explains what all potential donors should know.   

The Child Is Only Yours Biologically 

When a couple uses your eggs or sperm to conceive, that child is most certainly yours biologically; however, he or she is theirs in every other way. It is natural to want to foster some kind of relationship with any biological offspring, but many prospective parents are wary of letting donors do so because the dynamic can confuse the child. Disputes regarding the nature of the relationship between donor and offspring are unlikely if you opt to be an anonymous donor. If a friend or loved one asks you to donate, though, it is essential to be in full agreement regarding your future relationship with the child. 

Your Spouse Should Have a Say 

fertility clinicDonors who are married should talk to their spouse before signing on the dotted line. Although they are ultimately your sperm or eggs to donate, it is worth taking your partner’s thoughts into account. He or she may not have a strong opinion either way if neither of you wants children, but if you plan on having your own children someday, it could make things complicated. For example, children who were conceived with a sperm or egg donor may not necessarily feel the need to reach out to their biological parents, but they may eventually want to find any half-siblings. 

Lengthy & Restrictive Contracts Are the Norm

Couples who conceive at a fertility clinic using sperm or egg donations are undoubtedly grateful for the gift they received, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want the donor to be in their child’s life. Do not be offended if the contract is incredibly restrictive and does not allow for you to contact the potential offspring in any way.  


If you want to learn more about donating eggs or sperm, the caring doctors at Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute will be happy to answer all your questions. Their experienced team has both the clinical knowledge and professional experience to provide insight into the donation process and its potential ramifications. Visit their website to learn more about Honolulu’s leading fertility clinic or call (808) 946-2226 to talk to someone today.  

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