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Top 4 Windshield Repair Tips for Handling Cracked Glass April 12, 2018

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Top 4 Windshield Repair Tips for Handling Cracked Glass, Rochester, New York

Whether a rogue baseball slammed into your car, or a stray rock flung into it as you drove down the highway, cracked glass makes it difficult to see and navigate the road, and it poses a safety risk to both you and the other drivers. As such, it’s not an issue to put off. If you need windshield repair, here are a few steps you should take right away.

What to Do When You Need Windshield Repair

1. Avoid Driving Your Car

It’s best not to operate your vehicle when the windshield is compromised. The crack could easily expand while you’re on the road, especially if you hit a bump or hole in the pavement. Depending on its location, it may be difficult to see traffic clearly, and if the glass shatters further, it could seriously injure you and any passengers.

2. Measure the Damage & Take Pictures

windshield repairMeasure the length and width of the damage and take pictures. Using either your smartphone or camera, capture the impact from many sides and angles. Note that cracks smaller than 12 inches in length typically call for windshield repair, while those larger than 12 inches require auto glass replacement.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company to determine if the agency will cover the damages. It will usually depend on how the auto glass got cracked. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, comprehensive coverage is available for windshields damaged by storms, vandalism, animal collisions, and fires.

4. Schedule Windshield Repair

Schedule repair with an auto glass company offering same-day service so that you can continue using your vehicle. Look for one that also works with most major insurance carriers and has new and used product options to keep your costs as affordable as possible.


For quality windshield repair, turn to Mr. Glass in Rochester, NY. The family-owned, insurance-certified company offers over 40 years of residential and commercial experience and provides same-day, mobile auto glass services. The premier business also works with most major insurance agencies and is known for their fast, efficient, affordable work. Call (585) 271-1270 to schedule an appointment or visit the website for additional information on how they can assist. Follow them on Facebook for more helpful tips and updates.

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