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How to Tell Whether You Need Carpet Restretching Services April 12, 2018

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How to Tell Whether You Need Carpet Restretching Services, Lincoln, Nebraska

In high-traffic areas, it’s possible for carpets to become loose or stretched out over time. However, this doesn’t mean you need to replace them. If your carpet has stretched but is still in good condition, carpet restretching can help. As experts in restoring the quality and appearance of all types of carpeting, Kelly Prater Carpet Repair-Installation in Lincoln, NE, is here to explain more.

A Guide to Carpet Restretching

What Is Carpet Restretching?

Even high-quality carpets can develop lumps and wrinkles as a result of heavy tread. This is especially true in areas like playrooms and spots where movement may cause the carpet to stretch out. Re-stretching is the process of fixing these imperfections with special tools. Repair experts will flatten the material and make sure it fits tightly along the sides and in the corners of the room. Afterward, the floor coverings will be fully taut and free of any bumps.

carpet restretching Lincoln NEHow Can You Tell When Your Carpets Need It?

If you find your carpets are pulling away from the floor in certain places or you have lumpy spots, it’s time to enlist the help of repair professionals. You may also notice wrinkles or find that you can lift the material up in some areas. Not only are stretched-out carpets unsightly, but they can also cause tripping.

Fixing loose carpets ensures the safety of your family and house guests. It’s also an economical alternative to having them replaced entirely. By having this service performed, you can maximize your flooring investment and extend its lifespan for a few more years.

If you need quality carpet restretching services, Kelly Prater Carpet Repair-Installation can help. He has 27 years of experience in repair services and can have your rugs looking like new once again. To request an estimate in Lincoln, Omaha, or the surrounding areas, call (402) 440-5848 or visit his website.  

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